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The history highlights and course records for Cannonball

Cannonball has spawned many legends over the years. The ride was first suggested by the Quasi- Anonymous Cannonball Committee (QUACC) in 1984, soon after the Washington State Department of Transportation opened most interstate highway shoulders to bicyclists. However, credit for starting the ride must go to the ACC (the totally Anonymous Cannonball Committee). The ACC (a local racer with too many miles in the saddle) mailed an anonymous letter of invitation to the Bicycle Paper on April 1st, 1985. Three riders responded to the challenge, showing up at Russell Road Park in Kent at 3 AM on June 29, 1985: Don Anderson and Rich Saadeh (on a tandem, unsupported) and Sebastian Daley. Anderson and Saadeh went on to finish that first ride in 16:27. The ACC continued to mail anonymous letters of invitation to local riders each April 1st, through 1989. In 1990 the QUACC took over the ride and brought it to the Redmond Cycling Club.

2012 2012 riders faced big rain on both sides of the mountains - only 3 riders complete the course.   (2012 Results)  
2011 Mild weather greets 6 Cannonball 2011 riders - all completed the ride.   (2011 Results)  
2010 Cannonball 2010 was attempted by 9 riders and 7 completed the ride.   (2010 Results)  
2009 Cannonball 2009 was attempted by 15 riders and completed by 12   (2009 Results)  
2008 The 2008 edition of Cannonball was attempted by 27 riders and completed by 17   (2008 Results)  
2007 Suzanne Nowlis establishes the new female best single mark at 15:22 in 2007   (2007 Results)  
2006 (2006 Results)  
2005 (2005 Results)  
2004 (2004 Results)  
2003 (2003 Results)  
2002 (2002 Results)  
2001 (2001 Results)  
2000 New time records are established in three categories: single, tandem and fixed gear  
1996 (1996 Results)  
1995 Gordon Hebron and Carl Murrell each set the course record for singles at 12:01  
1991 Rick Hippe sets the course Average Speed Record doing 293 miles in 12:41  
1990 The QUACC takes over the ride sponsorhip and brings it to the Redmond Cycling Club  
1985 The inaugural ride is completed by Don Anderson and Rich Saadeh on a tandem  
Cannonball Records
Name Year Distance Time Class Supported Notables
Jan Heine, AllenLarsen 2000 275 13:06 Single No  
Andy Fuller & Paul Binford 2000 275 13:21 Tandem Yes  
Kent Peterson 2000 275 17:22 Fixed Single No First to attempt on fixed
Gordon Hebron, Carl Murrell 1995 275 12:01 Single Yes  
Suzanne Nowlis 2007 275 15:22 Single Yes  
Rick Hippe 1991 293 12:41     Ave. Speed Record

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