A Theme of Remembrance

RAMROD honors the passing of two friends of the Mt. Rainier National Park and RCC communities.

Recent events have brought a somber tone to our preparations for RAMROD 2012.

On December 8, 2011 a great friend of RAMROD, Gene Underwood, passed. Gene and his wife Fran are HAM radio operators and have been a major part of RAMROD for most of its 29 years of operation. Gene had recently undergone surgery for cancer. A separate article about Gene is being posted.

We had already made a decision to formally honor Gene's many contributions to cycling in general and to the RAMROD community in general when we experienced another loss.

On January 1, 2012 a lone gunman shot and killed Park Ranger Margaret Anderson. The shooting occurred on Paradise Road in Mt. Rainier National Park. Margaret's courageous actions in confronting and blocking the gunman from advancing protected the lives of about 100 visitors at Paradise.

Margaret is survived by her husband, Park Ranger Eric Anderson, and two young children. Details about Margaret and the efforts to help this devastated young family can be read here. here.

RAMROD is asking that all members of our community consider making a direct donation to the Margaret Anderson Relief Fund, Key Bank, Eatonville, WA. One hundred percent of the donated funds will go directly to Margaret's family. Please be aware that your donation may not be tax deductible.

This year RAMROD is taking special steps to honor both Gene and Margaret. The 2012 RAMROD jersey, at this writing still in the design stage, is going to have Margaret's badge and number on one shoulder, and Gene's call sign on the other shoulder. Additional steps to honor both of them are being planned.

On behalf of 2012 RAMROD participants, the Redmond Cycling Club presented a $5,796 donation to Park Ranger Margaret Anderson's husband Eric. Thank you for all who contributed to help and honor Margaret and her family.