RAMROD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions...


When is RAMROD?

Do you record finishing times?

How strenuous are the climbs?

What kind of weather can I expect?

What are the rules and requirements for participating in RAMROD?

Are electric and motorized bicycles allowed on RAMROD?


Do I need to be a member of the Redmond Cycling Club to ride RAMROD?

How do I register?

How much does it cost to register for RAMROD?

Is there a minimum age for RAMROD?

How does the weighted lottery system work?

Is there any way to get into RAMROD if I am not selected in the lottery?

Why do you only allow 800 riders?

When are lottery results and the wait list published?

I'm on the wait list. What are the chances I will get in?

I'm on the wait list - when can I expect to see my wait list number move?

If I was #700 on the wait list last year and register again this year, will I get a higher number on the wait list?

If I am not selected in the lottery this year and do not register next year, do I still have my preference point in the year after that?

I bought a ticket at the auction last year because I did not get in the lottery. Did buying an auction ticket cause me to loose my preference point in the lottery this year?

What if I'm the very last person on the Wait List? Do I have a shot at riding?

Why can't I show up the morning of the ride to see if there are any open spots?


Can I register as a tandem or a group?

How is my lottery preference affected by group registration?

How do my odds of being selected as a member of a group compare with registering as an individual?

I registered as a single rider. Can I now join an existing group? AND My buddy and I registered as single riders. Can we now form a group?

How can I change groups?

Does the size of the group have any effect on selection in the lottery?

Our group was selected in the lottery and now one member has to withdraw. Can we substitute someone else?


What if I am selected for the ride and an injury or other condition outside my control prevents me from riding this year? Can I sell my ticket, get a refund or get in next year without going through the lottery?

If I am selected in the lottery and then have to withdraw, do I still get my preference point for next year?

If I am a member of a group that is on the wait list and I withdraw before the rest of my group is moved off the wait list, do I get my preference point for this year?

How do I withdraw from the lottery or from the wait list?


How does volunteering work?

I volunteered last year. How do I bypass the lottery?


When and where can I pick up my packet?

Can I pick up a packet for a friend?

When will I receive my RAMROD jersey?

Can jerseys be shipped to Canada?

May I exchange my jersey?

Can I return my jersey for a refund?

How can I get a jersey for a previous year's ride?


Where can I camp or RV the night before the ride?

Where can I park my car before starting RAMROD?

Where can I get a healthy breakfast before I start the ride?

Is there mechanical support and SAG wagons on the route?

Are Personal Support Vehicles (PSVs) Allowed?

Do you have gluten free food available?

Are rider event photos taken and made available?