An event like RAMROD is only possible through the generous contributions of time and energy of volunteers from the cycling community.

Each year, hundreds of people come together to help make RAMROD a success. Volunteering can be just as rewarding as participating in the ride. If you can't ride RAMROD this year or if you've never volunteered, please consider helping this year. Besides meeting new people and helping the riders, you'll receive the opportunity to ride in next year's event.

We are now accepting volunteer registration for RAMROD 2022. For 2022, proof of vaccination will be required to serve as a volunteer. Assignments fill up quickly and space is limited therefore register early. Please make sure your email account will not mark mail from volunteer@redmondcyclingclub.org as spam. Click here to register for consideration as a volunteer.

RAMROD Course Map

Please keep the following in mind as you register:
First come, first serve - you will be placed in the order of registration according to timestamp
Availability - let us know which day(s) you are available: before RAMROD, the day of RAMROD and the day after RAMROD.
Volunteer position – let us know if there's a specific assignment you want to perform. If you want to volunteer with a friend, you must register around the same time.
Previous RAMROD volunteer experience – let us know if you’ve volunteered before it helps us understand if you’re familiar with the event (this is NOT used to determine whether or not you can be considered)
Bypass - you need to perform 8 hours of volunteer work to earn a bypass for RAMROD 2023. You may be required to perform more than one task to earn a full bypass. Information about your role(s) and hours will be provided when you receive your assignment.

RAMROD 2022 key communication dates from volunteer@redmondcyclingclub.org:
- Volunteer site opens on April 4
- Assignment notification sent to volunteers by end of May
- Assignment confirmation sent to volunteers by June 30
- Assignment reminder will be sent to volunteers 1 week before the assignment
If at any time you need to withdraw your volunteer registration or you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the RAMROD Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@redmondcyclingclub.org

Hope you can be part of the RAMROD 2022 Volunteer Team!