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Celebrate the Redmond Cycling Club and get yourself a club or event jersey


2020 RAMROD Jersey

Our 2020 Jersey will not be produced due to the cancellation of RAMROD 2020. The jersey design will now become our 2021 Jersey design with an update to the year graphic.

If you ordered a 2020 Jersey, your order will transfer for a 2021 jersey or you can receive a refund. See RAMROD Registration for more details.

This jersey design portrays the serenity of the mountain in monochromatic Sumi-e ink painting on rice paper with red accents.

To learn more about the jersey's design, click here.

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RAMROD Water Bottle

Introducing the RAMROD Purist Water Bottle!

Featuring the RAMROD logo on two sides and an easy-to-open leak-proof MoFlo cap. Each bottle is BPA free, made of food-safe FDA approved materials and be washed on the top rack of a dishwasher. The 26 oz RAMROD Purish Water Bottle is manufactured by Specialized in California.

Color: Clear
Size: 26oz
Price: $12.00

Because of the cancellation of RAMROD 2020, we will not be producing this water bottle until July, 2021. We will resume orders for the RAMROD Water Bottle early in 2021.