RAMROD 2024 Registration Opens on May 22nd.

A Special Announcement - April 22nd, 2024

We are pleased to announce that RAMROD will return on its traditional route within Mount Rainier National Park on September 4th, 2024!

Since the denial of the event’s original 2024 Special Use Permit request and subsequent cancellation announcement on February 28th, RCC has been working with Washington State Representative Kim Schrier and Park officials to explore alternatives enabling the storied event’s return. Unable to use the Park’s interior roads during the Park’s new Timed Entry program (May 24th - September 2nd), the Park is allowing RAMROD to return and use Paradise and Stevens Canyon Roads within the Park in September after Labor Day.

With the new September date, the 2024 Edition of RAMROD will be regarded by RCC and the Park as a pilot program due to necessary safety-related changes that come with less available daylight and the transition to late summer/early fall weather patterns. Most notably, the route will, for the first time in the event’s history, be run clockwise around Mount Rainier National Park, with riders embarking from Enumclaw and heading east immediately towards the climbing of Cayuse Pass. Cyclists will enter the Park at the Stevens Canyon entrance before taking on the challenging and beautiful ascent on Stevens Canyon Road toward Reflection Lakes and Inspiration Point. RCC will provide additional information on support and safety changes for this new route throughout the summer.

As one of the Pacific Northwest's most revered cycling traditions, RAMROD embodies the spirit of adventure and camaraderie. Cyclists from across the country eagerly anticipate the opportunity to tackle the challenging 150-mile route, which circumnavigates the awe-inspiring Mount Rainier and showcases the Park's stunning scenery and diverse landscapes. "We are thrilled to revive this Northwest tradition and welcome cyclists back to Mount Rainier National Park," said Joe Matthews, President of the Redmond Cycling Club. "RAMROD holds a special place in the hearts of cyclists, and we are excited to continue its legacy of pushing the boundaries of cycling achievement while fostering a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of our region. We’re thankful for the time and attention that Representative Schrier and Park Staff have made over the past couple of months leading to RAMROD’s return in September as a pilot program.”

Registration for the RAMROD bicycle is tentatively scheduled to open in May. Volunteers from 2023 holding bypasses will be able to secure registration spots prior to open registration. Due to the late announcement of the September date and registration, the 2024 Edition of RAMROD will not use the traditional lottery system. In its place, registration will be assigned in the order of signing up. Once the ride’s 800 registration slots are filled, registrants will be added to a Wait List managed by the RAMROD Registrar.

Join us on September 4th, 2024, as we embark once again on an epic journey around Mount Rainier and celebrate the enduring legacy of RAMROD, where every pedal stroke is a testament to the human spirit and the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

April 2nd Update

The first week of April is traditionally our week for mailing out the lottery results to thousands of hopefuls. It’s always been a fun week for sharing stories at work, on rides, or online about getting a winning draw or comparing where one ended up on the waitlist.

Over the course of the past few weeks, we have been unsuccessful in securing a Special Use Permit from the Park to allow RAMROD to return in July 2024 using the traditional route. We are confirming the cancellation of RAMROD in July this year. We are, however, working together to evaluate the feasibility of Representative Schrier's suggestion to pilot a version of RAMROD on a day in September outside of the Timed Entry Program window. We are actively studying this possibility and seeking input from you and the RAMROD cycling community. We will announce a final decision on a September Pilot event by mid-April.

This weekend, the RAMROD Training Series begins its 20th and final year on April 6th. Per Sunde and Joe Matthews from RCC will kick off the series and take a few moments to update cyclists and answer your questions about RAMROD and the struggle this year.

On April 13th , 10:30 AM, Joe and RAMROD Founder John Dixon will present to the Redmond Historical Society, covering the history of cycling in Redmond from the 19th Century right up to RAMROD’s cancellation in 2024. Joe and John will be available for a Q&A immediately after the presentation taking place at the Old Redmond Schoolhouse. For more info, click on this link.

March 15th Update

It has been two weeks since the announcement of RAMROD's discontinuation in 2024, and we promised then to update you on our progress today.

Since the announcement, we have been grateful for the tremendous support we have received from Representative Kim Schrier’s office. Their staff and, in particular, District Outreach Officer Cody Olsen, have been responsive and have followed up on our concerns since our initial meeting two weeks ago. Representative Schrier initiated a meeting with the National Park Service, Mount Rainier National Park and RCC last week. Earlier today, Representative Schrier contacted me and shared her insights on the situation and possible solutions to explore. I shared initial feedback and proposed an additional solution.

The Park’s new 2024 Time Entry pilot program can be utilized to preserve the number of target visitors to the Park on July 25th by thoughtful balance of cars and cyclists. RAMROD’s 800 cyclists represent the equivalent of 800 visitors arriving via 235 vehicles and a savings of 2.7 metric tons of C02e emissions. In this manner, visitation goals are preserved, additional congestion is avoided, and vehicle emissions are reduced by 20% in the Park that day. We see wins for visitors arriving by all modes of transportation, a win for the Park and the environment.

Following our conversation, Representative Schrier expressed a commitment to discuss this solution with the Mount Rainier National Park staff.

We remain optimistic that a win-win-win situation is still available, enabling RAMROD to run in 2024 and within the Park’s goals for visitation and positive environmental impact. We appreciate Representative Kim Schrier and her staff’s attention and efforts. We also appreciate you for expressing the importance of RAMROD and the experience it brings to individuals and Mount Rainier.

When there is more to share, we hope to provide additional updates to you.

March 7th Update

A week has passed since our announcement that we were discontinuing RAMROD after receiving a permanent ban from access to Mount Rainier National Park’s Paradise and Stevens Canyon Roads. The news of the announcement generated a strong reaction across communities resulting in outreach and positive discussion. Your advocacy has been significant and impactful.

Thank you for sharing expressions of what RAMROD means to you, your families, and friends. We heard stories that spanned generations and spanned the country; stories about the meaningfulness of RAMROD representing why we love this ride and why we make it for you.

You also shared near-universal support for our conclusion and our conviction that RAMROD is significantly defined by the experience of being in the heart of the Park and that a permanent route around the Park (vs around the mountain) is not sustainable.

We have also been blessed and touched by a wonderful showing of support and solidarity from our fellow cycling groups and leaders in Washington’s cycling community: Cascade Bicycle Club, COGS - Cyclists of Greater Seattle, Seattle Bike Blog, Tacoma WA Cycling Club, and Passport 2 Pain. Thank you - we're proud to be part of this community!

We hope to share further updates in the coming days and week and we appreciate your patience with the process. In closing today's update, we’d like to leave you with a love note to RAMROD and a reminder of what makes it so special. We produced this video to promote the pandemic-cancelled 2020 Edition featuring a voice over from Founder John Dixon sharing his thoughts on, ‘the perfect ride’...

A Special Announcement - February 29th, 2024

On the eve of what would have marked RAMROD’s 40th anniversary and the anticipated lottery opening, it is with profound sadness, that we share the news of RAMROD's unexpected discontinuation in 2024.

Despite our anticipation for RAMROD 2024 and a return to our traditional route within Mount Rainier National Park, we received notice that our event is no longer deemed 'necessary and appropriate use.' Access to the southern roads within the Park is denied despite our attempts to collaboratively understand the underlying issue and address concerns.

RAMROD has always been more than just a cycling event: it’s a wonderful fusion of non-commercialism, an event by cyclists for cyclists, and a pure celebration of the human spirit in the breathtaking beauty of Mount Rainier. Across four decades, we’ve adjusted the ride and its route to honor reasonable requests from the Park and to increase safety for all involved. With the permanent loss of access to Paradise and Stevens Canyon roads, which are the heart of the RAMROD experience in Mount Rainier National Park, we can no longer offer the world-class experience that has earned RAMROD its reputation in US cycling and drawn thousands to celebrate triumphs and create enduring memories.

We want you to know, that the Redmond Bicycle Club Board is not resigned to this decision. We've hired a public affairs specialist and initiated conversations with Rep. Kim Schrier's office while reaching out to US Senator Patty Murray. The Board is committed to exhausting every avenue to keep RAMROD alive.

Your support is crucial in the fight to restore RAMROD. Please reach out to Rep. Schrier and Senator Murray's offices, expressing your desire to see RAMROD continue. We'll also be engaging with the media and other bicycle organizations. An announcement on our progress is scheduled for March 15th, 2024.

Thank you for being a part of our RAMROD community and for your patience with this process. We’re cyclists, and by our nature, we’re also optimists when tackling tough climbs or this challenge. We remain committed to expanding the positive impact that cycling can bring to individuals and our communities.

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