RAMROD Stories: Chocolate Croissants

Discover the delight that is Box Canyon's Chocolate Croissants

After the thrilling descent down Steven's Canyon and before the climb up Backbone Ridge, riders can pause and refuel at the Box Canyon stop. Among the fresh fruit, potatoes and other goodies served here is a food item that is unrivaled in Northwest cycling events: The Box Canyon Chocolate Croissant.

Voila! The Box Canyon Chocolate Croissant

A Tradition is Born
Although the details of when the first Chocolate Croissant was served at RAMROD are fading, we do know that it was sometime in the 90's made possible by RAMROD Food Goddess Marilyn Williams. Marilyn was surely inspired by a certain European country and its love for cycling and pastries.

A French Connection
Before there was RAMROD, there was the great French cyclist Jacques Anquetil. While Anquetil is famous for being the first Tour five time winner, it's a lesser known fact that he was also the first rider to demand his soigneurs place a "Pain au chocolat" in his musette. (We're working to confirm this lesser known fact about Mr. Anquetil)

Anquetil discussing 'croissant au chocolat' with Eddy Merckx, Tom Simpson and Rudi Altig

Croissants and Cayuse
It's no accident that the Pain au Chocolat is served at Box Canyon and no where else on the RAMROD course. The delicate balance of dough and chocolate is finely tuned to provide optimal nutrition and energy for the 10 mile climb that is Cayuse. (We're waiting on lab results to confirm this claim.)

Training with Croissants
It's never a good idea to introduce new foods to your food and nutrition on the day of the event. For this reason, we strongly recommend that riders train with chocolate croissants whenever they can. The Box Canyon Chocolate Croissants are baked each year for RAMROD by Louisa's Cafe & Bakery in Seattle. They're also a regular bakery case item at Louisa's so it's possible to pick up a Back Canyone Chocolate Croissant for your training rides.


Author's Note: The author has prepared this introduction to the Box Canyon Chocolate Croissant to inform and to prevent riders from missing out on their Chocolate Croissant. In 2005, the author completed his first RAMROD only to learn the following spring that Box Canyon served Chocolate Croissants. While the author's RAMROD was a success - he can never get that missed Chocolate Croissant back. C'est la vie.